The Gallery up in the Clouds is Polish and unique artistic brand present on European market, that fascinates with noble motives and unique craftsmanship of limited canvas paintings collections. The greatest treasure of the Gallery is unique collection of Arabian horses which had its premiere at the end of 2016 in Vienna, European capital of culture.  Painted with dust and gold to give lightness, elation and wind… Painted with strong line, in order to give strength and endurance, make the paintings exceptional just as exceptional in their beauty and nature are Arabian horses. In Polish culture, art and history Arabian horse occupies a special place. For us, in the far away from the United Arab Emirates country, Arabian horse is very dear to us. In Europe the oldest, documented Arabian stud farm is located in Poland in Janów Podlaski. This year the stud farm is celebrating its 200th anniversary. The stud farm is recognised  as a national treasure called ”Pride of Poland”.  As our customers underline, our paintings presented in prestigious places among others Shanghai, London, or Vienna are the synonym of stylish aesthetic, harmony and craftsmanship quality in modern approach.The Arabian horses without a doubt are important symbol and exceptional value for many Europeans, enriching European culture. They are, at the same time, the ambassador of cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates in Europe. Through the expression and craftsmanship quality we are trying to give due respect and timeless values, that is why we are so proud of our new collection.